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Same-Day Crowns in Bakersfield

If you're dealing with a damaged or decayed tooth, waiting for a crown can be more than just inconvenient—it can be uncomfortable and disruptive to your daily life. We know that your time is precious, and discomfort can't be put on hold. That's why we offer same-day crowns. By using cutting-edge technology, we can create and fit your custom crown in just one visit. You can leave our office with a fully restored smile without the wait.

Why Should I Get Same-Day Crowns?

Opting for same-day crowns means you don't have to deal with temporary crowns or make multiple trips to the dentist. It's an efficient solution for busy people who need a quick fix for a broken or weakened tooth. Plus, it's done in a way that fits into your schedule, getting you back to your life with minimal disruption.

same day crowns in Bakersfield

The Benefits


Same-day crowns cut out the need for multiple dental visits. You can walk in with a damaged tooth and walk out with a permanent crown in just a few hours.

Customized Fit

With precise digital imaging, same-day crowns are tailored to fit your mouth perfectly. This means better comfort and a natural look and feel. All crowns are designed by our dentists rather than a lab technician.


These crowns are made from high-quality ceramics that are designed to last, giving you a long-term solution for your dental needs without the lengthy wait times. Our materials are the same exact materials used in a traditional dental lab.

The Process

How It Works


Digital Imaging

The process starts with a digital scan to create a precise 3D model of your mouth. This ensures the crown is an exact fit for your tooth.


Crown Design and Creation

The digital model is then used to design your crown with meticulous detail in our in-office lab. This custom design is tailored specifically to your dental structure.


Milling and Placement

The crown is milled right in our office, crafted from a block of ceramic that matches the color of your teeth. Once milled, it's immediately fitted and bonded to your tooth.


Am I a good candidate for same-day crowns?

Most people with a tooth that requires a crown are good candidates for same-day crowns. If you're looking for a fast and effective way to restore your tooth without the wait, same-day crowns are an excellent option.

How long do same-day crowns last?

Same-day crowns are durable and can last as long as traditional crowns. With good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups, they can serve you well for many years.

Are lab-made crowns better than same-day crowns?

Same-day crowns are the same quality as lab-made crowns. The materials and technology used are the same, ensuring that your same-day crown is just as strong and aesthetically pleasing as one made in a dental lab.

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