Botox for TMJ/TMD in Bakersfield

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders can lead to chronic jaw pain, headaches, and discomfort, which can significantly impact your daily life. At our office, we offer Botox as a way to ease the pain caused by TMJ/TMD. Botox injections can help relax the muscles around the jaw so you can go back to eating and speaking with ease.

Why Should I Get Botox for TMJ/TMD?

Botox for TMJ/TMD is a great option if you're looking for a non-surgical way to alleviate jaw pain and discomfort. It's particularly effective for those who haven't found relief through traditional treatments like mouthguards or physical therapy. Botox works by targeting the muscles causing tension and discomfort, offering a less invasive, quick, and effective relief.

botox in Bakersfield

The Benefits

Pain Relief

Botox injections can significantly reduce the chronic pain and discomfort associated with TMJ/TMD by relaxing the overactive jaw muscles.

Improved Function

By easing muscle tension, Botox can enhance jaw function, making activities like eating, talking, and yawning more comfortable and pain-free.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Botox offers a non-surgical alternative to more invasive TMJ/TMD treatments. It can provide relief with minimal recovery time so you can return to your daily activities right away.

The Process

How It Works


Initial Consultation

The first step involves a consultation where we assess your TMJ/TMD symptoms and determine whether Botox is the best treatment option for your condition.


Treatment Planning

Based on the consultation, we’ll determine the specific muscles to target and the amount of Botox required for effective relief.


Botox Injection

The Botox injections are then precisely administered into the targeted jaw muscles. This process is quick and causes minimal discomfort, with no downtime required.


How long do the effects of Botox last for TMJ/TMD?

The effects of Botox for TMJ/TMD typically last around 3 to 4 months. After this period, the muscles gradually return to their normal state, and the treatment can be repeated as needed.

Am I a good candidate for TMJ/TMD Botox?

You may be a good candidate for Botox treatment for TMJ/TMD if you experience chronic jaw pain, tension headaches, or other symptoms related to TMJ disorders, and have not found relief with traditional therapies. It's ideal for those seeking a non-surgical solution to alleviate their discomfort.

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