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Step into a whole new dental experience at Kobliska Dental Co. From the moment you arrive to your final goodbyes, we’re right by your side with personalized attention and comforting care.

“10/10 all around! The most comfortable I’ve ever felt getting dental work done.”

-Eric F.

“So friendly, professional, and accommodating to the kiddos. We are happy, newly established patients. Thanks for a great day!”

-Erika M.

“Great atmosphere, very sweet people. They made me comfortable, calm, and looking forward to my next visit!”

-Amanda B.

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Sit Back and Relax

Our Comfort Menu

Whitening Studio

At the Whitening Studio in Kobliska Dental Co., you'll find yourself relaxing in leather recliners, surrounded by a serene, spa-like atmosphere complete with a fully-stocked water bar. This soothing space offers services like teeth whitening, Botox, and IV wellness therapies.
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Refreshment Bar

Help yourself to our fully stocked coffee and refreshment bar before and after your visit.
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Smart TV's

Catch up on your favorite shows or movies from Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix for a fun and stress-free stay.
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Heated Neck Rolls and Blankets

Wrap yourself in warmth with our heated neck rolls and soft blankets for a cozy and relaxing appointment experience.
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Relaxing Massages

Treat yourself to expert hand or foot massages from our skilled massage therapist while you undergo dental treatment.
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Tools and Technology


CEREC technology lets us make and place dental crowns and bridges in a single visit. With CEREC, we can restore your smile to its form and function without the need for several follow-up appointments.

In-Office Lab

Our in-house lab allows us to make high-quality dental restorations right in our office. This means faster, more efficient, and more personalized care for our patients.


Our 3D CBCT imaging technology captures detailed pictures of your mouth's inner structures. It's like a high-tech X-ray, helping us plan your treatments with exceptional accuracy for precise and effective care.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are like traditional X-rays, but safer and faster. They provide clear images with less radiation exposure, allowing us to catch problems early and plan treatments tailored just for you.

3D Printer

Our 3D printer crafts detailed models and appliances precisely to fit your needs. This technology helps us design comfortable and long-lasting dental solutions, ensuring your treatments are tailored to perfection.

iTero Scanner

Say goodbye to messy impressions! Our Primescan and iTero Scanners create digital impressions of your teeth, making the process quick and comfortable. These detailed images guide us in creating personalized treatment plans and dental restorations that fit perfectly.

Global G3 Surgical Microscope

We use the Global G3 Surgical Microscope for various dental procedures. This provides us with extra magnification and precision that's crucial for top-quality patient care.

Diode Laser

Our diode laser is a gentle tool for various dental procedures. It ensures precise treatment with minimal discomfort and fast healing. It's one of the many tools we use to make your experience smooth and stress-free.

Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening is our advanced teeth whitening treatment that can provide stunning results in just one visit. Zoom whitens your smile and boosts your confidence, leaving you with a refreshed look.

IV wellness therapies & BOTOX

look and feel your best

Our certified nurse at Kobliska Dental Co. is an expert in administering a range of IV wellness therapies, focusing on immunity, recovery, and hydration. In addition, she offers professional Botox treatments, all provided in the serene environment of our Whitening Studio.

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IV Therapy
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Get to Know

Ashley Waldon, RN, BSN, PHN

Ashley has been an RN for 13 years as an ICU nurse as well in the hospice setting. She has been providing Kern County with vitamin, antioxidant, and NAD IV therapy since 2022, and is able to provide lab draw services as well as Botox injections. She looks forward to treating you with expert care soon!

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